Wednesday, July 27, 2016

10 Good Traits of Duterte That Will Lead Us Back From Obscurity

by: Jec Ortiz
Cebu, Philippines

Never in the history of the Philippines that we had such a unique leader. Even though President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte just finished his first SONA, his presidency has already marked many firsts in the annals of Malacañang. 

As we listened to his SONA, we can’t help but compare him to a father having a hearty talk with his children, full of "ad-libs with substance". Tatay Digong may be marred by doubts and criticism during his presidential campaign sorties due to his unorthodox style, rugged flair and tough verve atypical of a statesman. Yet, his innate valiant approach is what makes this result oriented, no non-sense straightforward commander-in-chief extraordinary.

Listed here are President Digong’s traits we observed that have produced positive outcomes:

1. Disciplinarian – the discipline he instilled on his constituents in Davao City is carried over in Malacañang and is now imposed on the Filipino people. Curfews, liquor and smoking banned in public are just a few of the many disciplinary programs his administration will enforce.

2. Simplicity and Humility – power and fame have not swayed Digong away from simplicity. Many who elevated in the laurels of success always metamorphose to a lifestyle of sophistication and complexity. But for Mayor President, simplicity and humility are solidly embedded in his character which is highly contagious that his cabinets and people surrounding him adapted his unpretentious way that is devoid of luxury and opulence. His advice to government officials to travel in economy class and modest vehicles was a timely example of prudence.

He repeatedly declined national post and awards. “As a matter of principle, I don’t accept awards,” he said upon insisting he was just doing his job.

Duterte Ranked 1st of the Most Popular President in the World in 2016

3. Candor – What is Candor? It is the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression. At the height of his campaign, this trait was clearly apparent that oftentimes he was misinterpreted. When the Mayor President declared the elimination of criminality and drugs within six months upon assumption of the highest position, many doubted his pronouncement. 
After the election, while the results of his crackdown on drugs and expose of police protectors started to become obvious, the majority slowly understood his candidness. Hitherto, the said declaration is certainly free of ambiguities. Long before he officially steps in Malacanang, the war on drugs and criminality were at full speed that caused the CHR to panic, “selective panic” rather. 

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