Sunday, July 10, 2016

China’s Deadly South Sea Fleet is now in the South China Sea

by: Intel Guru
July 10, 2016
On Tuesday, July 12 this year, the verdict on the case filed by the Philippines at The Hague’s Permanent Court of Arbitration will be heard. Tensions are now on the rise, especially that China has been vocal with its strident refusal to abide by the ruling. Instead of decreasing the tension, China sent warships from the deadly South Sea Fleet. 

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This powerful fleet is composed of:
·         9th Destroyer Flotilla – 4 destroyers
·         1st Frigate Group – 4 Frigates
·         2nd Destroyer Flotilla – 5 destroyers
·         17th Frigate Group – 5 Frigates
·         18th Frigate Group – 5 Frigates

·         2nd Submarine Base
o   32nd Submarine Flotilla – 6 Submarines; 2 Kilo-636M submarines
o   52nd Submarine Flotila – 10 Submarines

·         6th Landing Ship Flotilla
o   2nd Landing Ship Group -5 Landing Crafts
o   16th Landing Ship Group – 6 Landing Crafts
o   17th Landing Ship Group – 5 Landing Crafts

·         11th Fast Craft Flotilla
o   2nd Missile Corvette Group – 6 Missile Corvettes
·         84th Submarine Chaser Group
o   8 Coastal Patrol Ships
·         4th Landing Ship Group – 7 Landing Craft

·         26th Fast Craft Flotilla
o   10th Minesweeper Group – 6 Minesweepers
o   Patrol Craft Group – 4 units
·         208th Missile Group –
·         5th Missile Corvette Group – 6 Missile Corvettes
·         2nd Frigate Group – 4 Fast Frigates
·         81st Submarine Chaser Group – 6 Coastal Patrol Craft
·         76th Submarine Chaser Group – 6 Coastal Patrol Craft
·         Marine Corp 1st Brigade
·         Marine Corp 164th Brigade

These are the combat groups of the South Sea Fleet of China’s PLA Navy. Not included in the list are the support, service and reconnaissance group. The fleet is now in the South China Sea few days ahead before the Permanent Court of Arbitration will give its ruling. Experts predict a ruling in favor of the Philippines. China did not cooperate in the said case, nor submit any evidence of their territorial claim.

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The Chinese PLA Navy launched a massive live fire drill in the South China Sea few days before judgment day, starting July 5 to July 11. This comes days just a few weeks the U.S. steamed two battle groups with aircraft carriers off the coast of the Philippine Sea. Also, the Indian and Japanese Navy just visited the Philippines, showing their support of this nation with the weakest armed forces among progressing countries in South East Asia in terms of military assets.

The South China Sea and the West Philippine Sea have been host to several powerful navies in recent months. Is this an augury for sea hostilities to come?

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