Friday, July 15, 2016

Shocking Development! China Shoots Down US Satellite. Also Declares Sovereignty Over the Moon's Eastern Region.

Franky Canoy-Investigative Reporter

thru Intel Guru

UPDATE: Monkeys Stole Bananas When China's Backhoe Bugged Down While Destroying Tons of Philippine Bananas. Click Here to read.

The South China Sea may not only be the region contested by China. It was reported that the giant country's trouble over sovereignty extended into the interplanetary region of the Moon.

In a raw and irresponsible display of power, China shoots down a US satellite after the rogue nation lays claim to the Moon's eastern region.

R. Hobbus J.D., an international investigative journalist reported that the Chinese president Xi Jinping said his country’s space agency is working with the military to establish a joint operating base with North Korea in the central region of the Moon’s southern hemisphere.

The forward operating base will likely be located some twenty-six kilometers south of a massive crater known as Tycho. “China reserves the right to defend itself against enemies both interplanetary and domestic,” President Xi said.

The president added, “China reserves the right to defend itself against enemies both interplanetary and domestic.”

The report of the satellite's shot down is supposed to be highly confidential but a leak at Nasa's cyber system exposed China's wicked acts. Please SHARE this so the world will know.

The Boston Globe published in 2013 an article entitled "China Says: Moon is Ours Due to Marriage of Chinese Princess." 

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