Tuesday, July 26, 2016

UPDATE:A Mysterious Massive Cylindrical Object was Spotted Off the Coast of Zambales

by: Intel Guru

Not long after a military intelligence satellite spotted a hidden Chinese Deep Underground Military Base with alleged Missile Silos in Zambales, another satellite found a mysterious looking object at sea off the coast of Zambales.

The black cylindrical object is believed to be around 130 meters long with a fin.

The mysterious object, which was already very close to mainland Philippines, is believed to be a Chinese nuclear submarine. It became visible when it resurfaced and went invisible when it dived back to the deeps.

For more details and the actual satellite image, CLICK here for the authorized link.  

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This specific article is partly for satirical and entertainment purposes and its events should not be construed as pure facts although all tangible objects mentioned are true.

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