Sunday, July 24, 2016

9 Reasons Why China Wanted the West Philippine Sea Badly

by Intel Guru

China continued to strain its relationship with other claimant countries in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and marred its reputation and credibility by challenging the rule of law. China recently lost in the arbitrary case filed by the Philippines against the giant nation.

Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative/CSISMischief Reef, January 19, 2015.

Many powerful nations lead by the United States has sought to uphold freedom of navigation in the hotly contested sea. They also vouch to support other nations in Southeast Asia like the Philippines and Vietnam, which have been affected by China’s assertive territorial claims.

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But China remains firm in their stance and has not shown signs of backing down from the region. Instead, it has increased its presence in the area by deploying the powerful South Sea Fleet in the region.

But why does China risk damaging their reputation and credibility and endangering their security? What do they see in this vast sea? Here are 9 reasons why China wanted the West Philippine Sea badly.

China's natural gas data Source: EIA; JTC
  1. It holds 11 billion barrels of oil but China estimated it at 130 billion barrels of oil . China is importing 7.7 million barrels per day
  2. It has 90 trillion cubic feet of natural gas deposit 
  3. Produces at least 10 million tonnes of fish or 12 per cent of the global catch each year
  4. Strategic location as it links the Indian and Pacific Ocean
  5. Vital sea lane- 50% of the World's merchant ship pass through it. 25% of all traded goods and 25% of oil that travel by sea. There is a possibility that China will impose tax to ship passing in the region.
  6. $5.3 trillion of trade passes here annually
  7. Integral to China's nuclear submarine strategy 
  8. Extension for their military bases
  9. The vast sea is symbol of world supremacy and superpower status

The busiest shipping routes (green lines) and busiest ports (red blobs) in and around the South China Sea

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