Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to Know if Your Place is Near a Drug Den or a Meth (Shabu) Dealer is Living Nearby?

by: Jec

In these days of vital change, vigilance is needed in helping the society get rid of the destructive drugs that destroy many lives and future. Here are some important tips in spotting a possible drug den (kubol), dealer or pusher (tulak) in your area.

1. A Specific House or Place with Frequent Visitors 24/7. If there is a certain place in your area where there are frequent visitors at any time of the day, with some going there at repetitive times in a single day, most probably someone is selling drugs there. In some cases, the place is not selling drugs, but use as a drug den (kubol) where users have their pot sessions for a fee. It can also be used as both, where a pusher sells his “item” at the same time users “burned” or sniff the drugs inside.

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2. Odd Activities at Odd Hours. When neighbors or strangers went in and out of that particular place at odd hours say 6AM in the morning or very late evening or midnight, there is a high possibility that illegal activities is happening in that area. A Habitual drug user does not recognize time and sniff meth again and again when its effect started to wear down.

3. Visitors park their car or motorcycle far away from that particular place. Drug buyers and users don’t want their ride to be noticed as their mind are set that people who will see them go inside that particular place perceived them to be users and are also into the illegal drug trades. Moreover, they can be easily identified when they are spotted embarking/disembarking on their vehicle.

4. Occupants have no clear source of income yet possessed wealth disproportionate to their means of living. Meth or “Shabu” trade is very lucrative that many unemployed people are tempted to go into the business despite its illegality. Some small time buyers traded their valuables in exchange for a small pack of meth thus often times these dealers and pushers possessed jewelries and high end gadgets.

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5. Rampant Gambling in the Area. Most users are also into gambling to pass the time away while the effects of the drug are still high in their system. Most drug dealers are also avid gamblers where they often initiate gambling in their area.

6. Petty Crimes are high. Thief and robbery frequents the area (barangay) where a dealer or den is located. Many drug users and addicts resorted to crimes just to answer their needs for more drugs. Their dosage gradually rises, thus they need money to buy additional drugs when its effect wears off.

7. High Walls and Extensive Security. Big time drug dealers operate in very discreet operations. If you happen to see some CCTV cameras, mirrors, and sometimes chained dogs in odd corners of your barangay, most probably a drug dealer is operating nearby. Some hires watchers or spotters posted on entry points towards a drug dealer’s place of operation. These watchers are locals on a 24 hour routine that looks like mere bystanders posting for hours on a specific spot while holding a cellphone.

8. Littering of Used Paraphernalia’s. Try to scour in a nearby garbage pile of a suspected drug den and most probably you will find used tin foils, damaged lighters and small plastic package in the vicinity. You might even find it littered in nearby alleys and pathways.

If you happen to spot a few of these important points in your area, chances are high that a drug den, dealer or pusher is operating in your area. If so, secretly inform the nearest police station in your area.

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