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ALARMING! Tanks, Troop carriers, Jets and Mobile ICBMs Are NOW Mobilized in China!!!

by: Intel Guru

A former Philippine DILG Secretary and tourism secretary urged the intelligence community to process this info with allied countries about a massive movement of tanks, troop carriers, jets and mobile ICBMs in China. It seems that the PLA forces is preparing for an invasion and are moving towards the southernmost coastal province of Hainan. Due to the presence of DF-21, a carrier killer missile, their intention is believed to be projected towards the contested sea, where two US-Nimitz class carriers are on patrol near the Philippine sea.Or will they make good on their threat in sinking the BRP Sierra Madre?


This is the answer to China's DF-21 Carrier Killer Missile.  

The MQ-25A Stingray.
Just when China thought they now now have the weapon to disable allied aircraft carriers out of striking position by having the deadly DF-21 carrier killer missile in their arsenal, they were wrong. The U.S. Navy countered their priced weaponry with a much sophisticated firepower, the MQ-25A Stingray. For more information about this potent counter-weaponry of the future, CLICK here.   

China 'may build nuclear plants' in South China Sea-Channel News Asia

Armored Personnel Carriers traveling in China's freeway towards Hainan

South Korea's media giant Arirang reports, "Chinese president Xi Jinping has reportedly ordered the People's Liberation Army to prepare for combat." The president maintained this is for defensive purposes.

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A Chinese MIG fighter jet is towed towards Hainan
Intel reports also tell that the South China Sea is sprawling with Chinese Submarines, easily intercepted due to the loud noise it produce below the sea, albeit they also have modern seven-propeller blade nuclear submarines equipped with soft coupling technology and other vibration reduction technology (raft anti-vibration technology).

Multitude of tanks sits atop a train and transported to Hainan

Some of these were taken today and some were taken yesterday, said Harry Yu, who received the alarming info from his friend in mainland China. The giant Communist nation is giving a global impression that they are up for war after the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague awarded a portion of the South China Sea to the Philippines, who has maritime entitlements over this resource-rich region. 

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Anti-aircraft carrier DF-21

More visually disturbing in China's convoy of arsenal was the presence of mobile DF-21 Carrier Killer Missiles. The Dong-Feng 21 is a two-stage, solid-fuel rocket, single-warhead medium range ballistic missile (MRBM) capable of destroying large aircraft carriers 1770 kilometers away. China is also preparing the much larger DF-41 ICBMs that could wipe out an entire city.

This is absolutely a cause for alarm, especially on directly concerned countries like the Philippines, Japan and the U.S. Many have aired their concerns in social media. One Mark Pio Guzman from the Philippines commented, "We and our allies must coordinate and prepare! China is a traitor! They can move anytime!,". Erwin Dizon also commented on Facebook, "Imperialism cannot work in the new world order. China should learn the lessons of history. Iraq was the last one to get burned by a world coalition for invading Kuwait." 

Coordinated EU Patrols

According to Bloomberg, France will urge European Union nations to coordinate navy patrols to ensure a “regular and visible” presence in the disputed South China Sea, in the latest sign of international push back to China’s expanded military clout in the area.

In the Philippines

Sources near the Clark Airbase north of Manila observed increased activities and deployment of air assets from foreign countries notably from the U.S. The scene implies preparation for our countries defense in case an attack from China could happen. Although an attack on the Philippine soil is unlikely to happen, what most experts fear is if China make good of their threat to tow away or sink the lone BRP Sierra Madre of the Philippine navy, which aground in Ayungin Shoal off the coast of Luzon.

While in China...
The rhetoric and oblivious propaganda circulates.

China insist they had the right to enforce an air defense zone over the South China Sea base on a report covered by Reuters. It added that "Beijing has repeatedly blamed the United Stated for stirring up trouble in the South China Sea, where its territorial claims overlap in part with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan." 

China again blocks Filipino fishermen from fishing in the recently awarded contested area to the Philipinnes near Scarborough Shoal. An ABS-CBN team together with the said fishermen went to fish in Scarborough's fishing grounds when they were blocked. file photo
"Nakisabay kami dito sa isang grupo ng mangingisdang Pinoy na susubok nga, sumubok sila na magpalaot isang araw pagkatapos ng arbitral tribunal at susubukan nga nila kung papapasukin na sila sa Scarborough Shoal," Chiara Zambrano said.

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With this development, our armed forces and allies should not be complacent. This is a matter of national security, though we know these movements are monitored by high-tech satellites and radars. What civilians must do is to raise awareness and share this vital piece of information so our fellow countrymen will pray for the inevitable.

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